The Sagra Group is a corporation doing business in the fast moving consumer products sector. Established as a family company that dates back to 1936, Sagra Group is the manufacturer of Tadelle, Sarelle, Gol and Sagra brands, which are the most important and well-established brands of Turkey.

These leading brands of Turkey, which continued their activities under the roof of different companies in the past, were included in the OYAK Group in 2021.

Value Added Ingredients, Legendary Tastes

Offering Turkey's iconic brands to consumers, Sagra Group does not use trans fats, colorants and preservatives in its products. The sugar used in the products is obtained from sugar beet, the products do not contain sugars such as fructose and glucose, and only contain real chocolate. Instead of nature identical aroma, actual vanilla is used in or products, which makes them different than the other products in the sector.

The company offers natural and healthy products to consumers with Tadelle, a chocolate and wafer brand with lots of hazelnuts and a dense chocolate taste; Sarelle, a chocolate spread and wafer brand; and Gol, a delicious and fun chocolate-covered dragée brand. The nostalgic Sagra Special stores, which left their mark on a period, are reopened to customers as a cafe with chocolate, coffee and ice cream products under the Sagra brand, with its renewed vision and visuality.

Sagra Group, which joined the OYAK Group of Companies in April 2021 and continued its journey to become a world brand, has set a course to rewrite the story of hazelnut and chocolate. In this journey starting from Ordu, the region where hazelnut is most intensively produced, and extends to 65 countries, it reaches both local people and farmers and aims to be the bridge that introduce Turkish hazelnuts to the world.