Human Resources

As Sagra Human Resources...

We are Sagra's greatest source of strength and most valuable wealth. Our passion is our creativity, commitment and determination to succeed together...

We experience every stage of the employee life cycle, which begins with the work and recruitment processes within Sagra, and a pleasant and productive work life together, and we enrich this experience day by day, in cooperation within the framework of changing and developing expectations.

At Sagra, every manager is a human resources manager, we as Sagra employees are the main actors of human resources processes and human resources professionals are our reliable, accessible and facilitating business partners accompanying the relevant processes. We transform world-class people management practices into integrated management systems in line with Sagra's vision, mission and DNA, and we aim to carry out these corporate practices for the acquisition, development and retention of talent throughout our company with the same principles and rules.

We support our company in order to realize its vision, mission and goals and create maximum value with a modern, dynamic and agile organizational structure which takes into account environmental factors, competitive conditions, our culture and our way of business. In our recruitment processes, we offer equal opportunities with universally valid and reliable selection and evaluation tools and applications (cognitive tests, personality inventories, evaluation center applications, comprehensive interviews, reference studies, role-specific technical evaluation, etc.).

We include the newly recruited members of the Sagra family in the comprehensive orientation programs they start with working on the production and packaging lines in our factory so that they can adapt to our company in a short time. We aim to continuously improve our corporate and individual performance and achieve sustainable successes, and we spread the performance and feedback culture in a way that permeates all departments of our company.

We design new generation learning journeys, in which we include the tools in the world of learning and development that are getting flourishing day by day (learning from each other, system coaching, reverse mentoring, gamification, microlearning, etc.). We are a company that can offer career opportunities to Sagra employees who prefer the freedom to manage their own career rather than a career plan, and we are part of a giant group of companies that can offer opportunities beyond that. In the production area, warehouse, office, workshop, laboratory, we work and produce together as men and women in all our working areas. We believe in the power of equality in business life, as in all areas of social life.

We derive our power from OYAK, which believes that its most important capital for sustainable success is the human resources, and we derive our excitement from Sagra's vision and future which is full of opportunities.