Turkey's first hazelnut chocolate, Tadelle, offers its unique flavor with plenty of hazelnuts and intense chocolate, additive-free and natural content to all of Turkey with the difference of OYAK. In the bar group, which is the indispensable taste of people in all ages, there are milky, bitter, white and sugar-free varieties, while in the wafer group, there are milky, bitter and white wafer varieties and Maxinut wafer varieties that stand out with their abundant hazelnuts. Tadelle chocolate contains 34% hazelnuts.Tadelle, which entered the tablet chocolate category in 2023, has milky, pistachio, hazelnut and bitter varieties. With the rich hazelnut content and intense chocolate flavour it has, Tadelle offers the consumers a unique chocolate experience.


Sarelle chocolate spread is an energy and protein store with its high hazelnut content rate. It is produced with Black Sea hazelnut, natural vanilla and 100% sugar beet and does not contain trans fat, coloring and preservatives. Sarelle brings consumers together around different flavour alternatives. Sarelle's Cocoa Hazelnut Spread and Hazelnut Spread with 45% hazelnut content are indispensable products for those who love intense hazelnut flavor. Sarelle Dark Hazelnut Spread appeals to bitter lovers who want to eat chocolate in abundance, and Sarelle Duo appeals to children with fun. Separated from Sarelle in the category, Sarelle No Added Sugar is a product which can be preferred by both those who want to keep their fit and those who have diabetes under the supervision of a doctor. In addition to these products, Sarelle's milk and dark chocolate coated varieties consisting of liquid cream and crispy wafers, Cocoa Hazelnut Spread, Bitter Hazelnut Spread and Hazelnut Spread filled wafers are delicious snacks that can be with you at any time in your daily life.


With its unique flavor coming from intense chocolate and hazelnut flavor, GOL is our brand of "Real Chocolate Coated Dragee". Offering tasteful and special content with Sagra's quality hazelnuts, Gol consists of 70% chocolate and 30% hazelnut. Produced with natural vanilla, Gol has Milk, Dark and White Chocolate varieties.